Puncak Gagoan, Indonesia

Bukik gagoan or more in the know with peak gagoan is a tourist attraction located in the district of Solok, West Sumatra province, Indonesia.

Attractions newly famous is always crowded visited by tourists locally and outside the region. Gagoan peak located in Solok district or rather in villages Paninggahan, Junjung Sirih subdistrict is very easy to reach from the various regions.

If you come to visit Bukik gagoan or Peak Gagoan of the city of Padang could take the path of cross Padang-Solok. Arriving in the town of Solok, you can continue the journey to Lake Singkarak. Distance from city solok gagoan close enough to the top of which is about 20 Km. After reaching the market Sumani you can already see the intersection leading to the top gagoan. People there have also been put up directions and if you are still unsure please ask the people who are around the Sumani market.
Puncak Gagoan, Indonesia
If you come in or come from the town of Bukittinggi you first go to the city of Padang panjang, when he got in Padang panjang pass please turn left lane before reaching the village Malalo Paninggahan.
If you've arrived at the intersection to the top gagoan you can still proceed by using two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheel approximately 4 Km. Although the road to the summit location gagoan quite narrow but still can be passed using a car. But of course you still always be careful because the path to the summit is always crowded in gagoan crossed by vehicles.

Gagoan path to the summit is quite slippery so to you visitors are expected to always remain cautious. Do not let your excursions be disastrous to yourself and others.

Gagoan At the top you can enjoy the stunning scenery. You can breathe fresh air which must still naturally without being mixed with air polluted factory smoke and fumes. And if you have a hobby gliding you can also do it at the top of this gagoan. Because of the wind at the top of this gagoan blows fast enough. Her principal peak gagoan landscape is quite amazing.
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