Nusa Dua in Bali , Indonesia

Nusa dua attractions located in the southeastern tip of the island or within approximately 40 km from the city of Denpasar. To get to this attraction you do not need to worry because the road leading from the city of Denpasar Nusa two can already use the toll road.

The toll road that connects the city of Denpasar and Nusa Dua named Toll Bali Mandara. Nusa Dua is faforit tourist spots in Bali. This Nusa Dua tourists both local and foreign tourists can do sports diving and snorkeling. Besides the beauty of the other will be on offer to the tourists by Nusa Dua is the underwater scenery is so amazing. Underwater scenery Nusa Dua is no less interesting with its marine park in Sulawesi

With white sandy beaches have clean increasingly add charm and beauty of this attraction Nusa dua. Then this place is always crowded in the visit by foreign tourists who love the beach and sunbathing. If you visit this Nusa two do not have to worry about accommodation problems. Because along the coastline of Nusa dua is very much there are hotels that national and international level and the five-star.

If you visit and stay at Nusa two you can feel the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful view of the beach sunrise. Besides enjoying her fresh coastal breeze some other activities that can be done at the inn is a view of the coastline and the waves are able to relieve your stress during the work.

In Nusa dua also provide a leisure entertainment such as classical and modern dance entertainment, the game of golf, camel safari. Besides the several tourist attractions that you can visit as well when it was in Nusa dua are:
-Museum Fasifika
-Beach Geger
-Pulau Serangan

Prepare yourself to visit the sights on this one, because it is not complete your tourist visits to Bali if it does not stop at Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua is very suitable as a year-end holidays with your family or your partner.
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